There’s no one right answer when it comes to which hands does the wedding jewelry go on. The solution is largely based on culture and customs, just about all depends on in your geographical area and your personal philosophy or worldview.

Traditionally, wedding wedding rings are put on on the next finger of the left hand. That is rooted within a tradition that dates back to historical Roman times and the idea that a vein named the Veta Amoris works from this ring finger directly to the heart.

Some people may choose to don their wedding ring on the right ring little finger, which is often referred to as the pinky little finger. This is a well-liked option for women in certain cultures like The ussr and Greece, where it is believed that this arena finger signifies marital status and marital bonding.

Whichever finger you decide to use your band on, make sure it’s measured correctly. You’ll be wanting to have a jewelry that fits perfectly, especially if you use it while working or doing other activities.

For anyone who is considering a marriage band, choose a metal that is heavy duty and can hold up against a little usage. For example , Qalo’s silicon bands are polished and intensely durable, this means you don’t have to worry about burning off your wedding band or having this get bumped on the way house from job.