When you don’t have any experience or you are a recent graduate who’s drafting an entry-level DevOps engineer CV, a resume objective might help you express your passion. Container technology has a number of advantages, one of which is the ability to sandbox application security. It’s a form of packing that lets a program run with its own holding. The use of container technology in DevOps will improve the security and performance of the system.

  • Since you’re probably using the reverse chronological first, your oldest example of employment should sit at the bottom with the most recent at the top.
  • Usually, this will involve overseeing the life cycle of a software, as well as streamlining the software and the operations teams’ efforts.
  • The project is to setup a platform for migrating and analyzing clickstream data from Comcast devices to HDFS and downstream requirements.
  • Working with coworkers, managers, and customers to creatively optimize business operations using cutting-edge tools will be part of your usual day.

This is why it’s so important to tailor your https://remotemode.net/ to the job description. Don’t miss out on an interview and potentially the job itself just because you failed to mention your Jenkins certification. Pack a punch when writing your resume by explicitly discussing your team’s impact and how many people were on your team in past roles. DevOps Mastery – Hosted by Brian Wagner, this podcast focuses on the best tools and practices related to DevOps and how people can use them. Worked with PdM to create and identify key features that needed to be implemented with the limited resources that CMA/Alertfind has to “keep the lights on.” Working on design of the Security SOE for the Puppet Enterprise infrastructure. Currently introducing more open source solutions to the organization.

Devops Linux Engineer

When it comes to choosing which devops engineer to highlight on a resume, it really depends on the requirements described in the job posting, which can vary wildly from company to company. Nine times out of ten, this section will be the main focus of your DevOps resume. Since you’re probably using the reverse chronological first, your oldest example of employment should sit at the bottom with the most recent at the top. For some resume example content you can take inspiration from, check out our software developer resume sample,IT manager resume sample,or cyber security resume sample.


Kubernetes is being used to orchestrate the deployment, scaling and management of Docker Containers. Used SVN and GIT as source code repository and Involved in migrating from SVN to GIT. Streamlined applications delivery to get applications out to customers faster. Identify, troubleshoot and resolve issues related to build and deploy process. Procuring and configuring the server as per the needs of the release and the application. Assisted in developing an Inventory management using Cassandra and producing various reports.

Devops for Compute Cloud Service

Forecast current and future needs of the Dev, Stage and Production environments. Automation of disable and enable nodes in F5 load balancer prior and after code deployment. Automated deployment of all resources related to my work as the Lead Python Developer. Reduced deployment time for key Customer360 infrastructure by a factor of 15 with Ansible.

development life cycle

From coding and deployment through maintenance and upgrades, a DevOps engineer offers methods, tools, and approaches to balance needs throughout the software development life cycle. DevOps engineers simplify the process by bridging the gap between the activities required to swiftly alter an application and the tasks required to keep it reliable. DevOps is all about bringing processes together and automating them, and DevOps experts are crucial in bringing code, application maintenance, and application administration together. An ideal candidate for the role will have several years of experience in software engineering. They should be comfortable with concepts such as cloud technology, software container concepts, deployment automation and deployment, and more.